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The foundation of the ‘4 WINDS’ House of Learning was driven by the admiration of nature and traditional style of Polynesian schools of consciousness initiation, where the activation of human true potential was possible through his own discoveries and embraced all physical, intellectual and spiritual aspects.

The authors’ programmes that we offer combine needs of the body, mind and soul; scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom; technical civilisation perspective with the gifts of indigenous cultures of the Pacific. They also gather beautiful human beings on their own path of development.

The name “4 WIATRY” (4 WINDS) means 4 cardinal directions. Their qualities meet in the centre – just like they do in our place as well as the centre of every human being. The sound of the conch, our symbol, spreading four sides of the world, calls those qualities and various people to come along. It may also call upon you… Be welcome!

The founders and hosts
Justyna R. i Tomek Suska

Most of the workshops held at 4 WINDS have stay status, meaning that the participants study, exercise, rest, and prepare meals together. It is a very bonding experience and a crucial element of all workshops, because closeness and trust within the group of students enhance their progress. For smaller weekend groups we will be happy to provide delicious, creative vegetarian meals (with vegan option). And by the way – the Teaching House is a place free from stimulants, like coffee, alcohol or cigarettes.

Justyna R. Suska is an artist and a consciousness teacher. She was initiated in ancient Polynesian traditions and MA-URI Healing Arts, and since 2001 she has been practicing healing arts rooted in Hawaii and New Zealand. From 2005 untill 2018 she collaborated with the MA-URI® Institute (Denmark and New Zealand) and, as a teacher of this method, trained hundreds of students from Poland and Europe during that period.

The author of a book upon sacred child conception: “The Gift of Life and the Power of Creation” (2012-2020), that became inspiration for many future parents and helped bringing to life dozens of children. Also a Blessing Giver (a non-religious form of connecting people with the cosmic energy through the energetic heart).

Currently she performs Transformation-focused bodywork sessions (Polynesian style), runs workshops based on her author’s teaching programme on self-healing, Transformation-focused Bodywork and awakening of the galactic consciousness through embodied spirituality – The Stargate Healing Arts.

Participate in our workshops
and experience the essence of who you really are

3 5-day workshops: #1 Oct. 10-14

The first part of Stargate Healing Arts programme. The course of self-awareness through body observation, authentic movement, breath and touch. The programme derives from Polynesian traditions of consciousness development through reading body symptoms, working with emotions, knowing one’s patterns of movement and behaviour.
This cycle of 3 meetings will help you to communicate with your own body and Save discover your inner authority. It will empower your abilities to master your life. You will experience healing of the unconscious emotional patterns that have weakened you and provoked physical symptoms. You will observe your ancestral stories inherited by your body. You will learn some dynamic meditations that will enhance your vital resources, you emotional power and creativity and will help you walking firmly the path of your destiny. If you want to change your lifestyle, empower yourself in your relationships, find the life purpose or regain health, this programme will get you closer to that dream. And it is an exciting trip to your inner self perfect for everyone curious about her or his destiny, the meaning of life and human nature.

Workshop for adults in good physical and mental state. No former fitness training or mental preparations are necessary. The programme contains daily dose of moderate exercise. Attend the firt meeting and check if you want to continue.

The teacher: Justyna R. Suska

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3 5-day conventions: #1 Oct. 10-14, (dates tbc with the participants)
3 7-day conventions (dates tbc with the participants)

If you are keen on human being, if you like movement and touch, if you are not afraid of exploring the unknown regions of human mind and soul and you want to witness others’ individual journeys, know the tools offered by the unique Stargate Healing Arts Programme. You will gain more competence in holistic bodywork area in order to share Love through conscious touch.

You will learn the techniques of transforming bodywork rooted in Polynesian tradition. This exceptionally intuitive and creative style of working with other person (patient) consists of: touch with your forearm with the use of warm oil, dynamic movement to the rhythm of the music around a person (patient) for whom you performing a session; use of proper sounds, prayer and working with conscious dreaming. You will learn to use full sensory perception, to trust you intuition and to empower your passion to heal. In the Programme there are lectures from the area of neuroscience, biology, psychogenealogy and quantum physics. And also a great amount of empiric ancient knowledge concerning human body, levels of the mind and multidimensional consciousness.

This programme will take you to the stars!

Learn how:
– the body resembles individual and ancestral experience
– the body releases physical, emotional and spiritual tensions

– to use breath and music for emotional release

– healing on emotional and spiritual levels works
– to raise your level of awareness and focus before you touch somebody
– to shape your touch, sound, rhythm, position during a transformation-focused bodywork session
– to use meditation and prayer to empower yourself and the people we want to help on their “journey”
– all living creatures are connected
– it is Love that heals

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The programme consists of fruit and vegie fast, prompted meditations, movement sessions, individual bodywork and/or Light Language sessions.

During this delicious retreat we eat nourishing vegetable dishes – cooked, stewed or raw, we drink organic teas and season everything with sun light, wind and scents of forest. You can slow down and regenerate. Your body will be grateful for such a light diet and start to breathe deeply with clean air. We use this amazing “4 WINDS” sanctuary of nature, water of true life, fresh herbs, meadow surrounding and stunning silence. The mind detaches from the clutter of thoughts. The heart opens wider during healing sessions of transformational bodywork and language of light. Break free from the leash of everyday life and wander into the woods!

Workshop run by: Alina Baniecka, Justyna R. Suska

Retreat for adults, with no serious sickness (e.g. cancer, diabetes, myasthenia gravis).
Fast created by nourishment expert. We do not provide MD’s presence nor advice.
We admit applications via form with questions about health state. We reserve the right to reject the application, if the vegetable fast seems inadvisable.

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A week’s workshop for future Moms wanting to widen their knowledge about conception and pregnancy, especially for those who experience physical, emotional or spiritual challenges concerning procreation. The workshop is held once a year in the summer what allows the participants to connect with the beauty of Mother Earth giving birth to her creation and feel the blessing. The programme includes physical and breathing exercises, authentic movement exercises and sessions in pure nature.

The workshop deepens the knowledge contained in the book “MA-URI. The Gift of Life and the Power of Creation” (Justyna Rychlewska-Suska, 2012). Topics:
– diet and lifestyle favouring fertility
– physical (hormonal), emotional and spiritual blockages of procreation
– phases of the Moon and the Sun
– the body of woman – the voice of intuition and inner authority
– healing family traumas weakening fertility
– the energy of conception – bliss and orgasm
– masculine and feminine sexual energies
– awakening of Love and trust in life and thy self
– ceremonial calling of the child’s soul

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Winter time in the silent forest of 4 WIATRY is a great opportunity to dive deeper into ourselves in order to integrate experiences of the passing cycle, regenerate the mind and get ready for the upcoming light of the Winter Solstice. This Winter Meditation Retreat is for everybody who:

  • is ready to dive into the long night and meditate in darkness
  • wants to experience inne silence and rejuvenating power of the forest nature
  • wants to know varius sorts of meditation (dynamic one – INFINITY DANCE, walking one, sitting one, guided and solo, meditation in darkness with activation of the pineal gland),
  • wish to experience transformative power of music and breath

Small group, we cook together, instructor: Justyna R. Suska

The workshop is for adults only, former meditation skills are not mandatory

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A weekend workshop of healing the information inherited from the ancestors. Programme includes: lectures, exercises in movement, bodywork (with clothes on) and shamanic meditations enabling the change of information rooted in ancestral fields that influences your choices, emotions, health and experiences in your life.

During this workshop you will learn:
– how the trauma from former generations is inherited – facts from genetics
– what the “7 generation curse” is
– how the ancestral loyalty is manifested
– how to heal your inclinations to certain diseases that appeared in your family
– where the emotional patterns come from, if not from you very life
– what we benefit from the trans-generation memory

Workshop run by Justyna R. Suska with assistants.

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If the timetable allows, we spontaneously create other programmes or make our space available for other teachers and lecturers, especially artists.

The “4 WINDS” House of Learning is situated on the edge of the forest complex near the valley of the Noteć River, 4 km away from a village DZIERŻĄŻNO MAŁE, near the town of WIELEŃ. The workshop groups can use the entire Teaching House (nearly 300 square meters) with large kitchen and dining room, library, bathrooms and a spacious workshop room (100 square meters). This house is a former farming facility from the beginning of 20th century, reconstructed and preserving its original form. A perfect venue to perform bodywork, movement exercises or meditations. A rare asset of this place, especially nowadays, is freedom from electro-smog (Wi-Fi available in the second building).

Accommodation options: a. Polynesian style – sleeping together in the workshop room, with easy access to bathrooms, b. 8-10 people in guest rooms with private bathrooms (2-4 beds in a room).

Virtual walk ground floor
Virtual walk first floor

The closeness of the forest, lakes, wild animals and the magic of the starry sky enable tuning to your natural rhythm of life, stimulate the process of deep relaxation, physical regeneration and spiritual awakening.

Drone view
Awaken the creator of your life within you



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