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nested in an enchanting place in the heart of the forest, North-West Poland

Discover your true nature

The foundation of the ‘4 WINDS’ House of Learning was driven by the admiration of nature and traditional style of Polynesian schools of consciousness initiation, where the activation of human true potential was possible through his own discoveries and embraced all physical, intellectual and spiritual aspects.

The authors’ programmes that we offer combine needs of the body, mind and soul; scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom; technical civilisation perspective with the gifts of indigenous cultures of the Pacific. They also gather beautiful human beings on their own path of development.

The name “4 WIATRY” (4 WINDS) means 4 cardinal directions. Their qualities meet in the centre – just like they do in our place as well as the centre of every human being. The sound of the conch, our symbol, spreading four sides of the world, calls those qualities and various people to come along. It may also call upon you… Be welcome!

The founders and hosts
Justyna R. i Tomek Suska

Most of the workshops held at 4 WINDS have stay status, meaning that the participants study, exercise, rest, and prepare meals together. It is a very bonding experience and a crucial element of all workshops, because closeness and trust within the group of students enhance their progress. For smaller weekend groups we will be happy to provide delicious, creative vegetarian meals (with vegan option). And by the way – the Teaching House is a place free from stimulants, like coffee, alcohol or cigarettes.

Justyna R. Suska is an artist and a consciousness teacher. She was initiated in ancient Polynesian traditions and MA-URI Healing Arts, and since 2001 she has been practicing healing arts rooted in Hawaii and New Zealand. From 2005 untill 2018 she collaborated with the MA-URI® Institute (Denmark and New Zealand) and, as a teacher of this method, trained hundreds of students from Poland and Europe during that period.

The author of a book upon sacred child conception: “The Gift of Life and the Power of Creation” (2012-2020), that became inspiration for many future parents and helped bringing to life dozens of children. Also a Blessing Giver (a non-religious form of connecting people with the cosmic energy through the energetic heart).

Currently she performs Transformation-focused bodywork sessions (Polynesian style), runs workshops based on her author’s teaching programme on self-healing, Transformation-focused Bodywork and awakening of the galactic consciousness through embodied spirituality – The Stargate Healing Arts.

Participate in our workshops
and experience the essence of who you really are

The Body & The Essence is a cycle of three 5-day workshops. The first part of this School of Healing (STARGATE HEALING ARTS) awakens in the participants their embodied spirituality and connects them with their cosmic-higher Self through their earth bodies. You can join the first part and then decide about further participation. But you cannot skip a meeting and jump into a next one, since every workshop is a next level on your path to awaiken the Love that you are at its full and to reach your authentic being.

The programme of the full cycle:

1st Workshop. Body-Form-Awareness

Knowing who you are. How your multidimensional spiritual Essence, your beliefs and your family saga express through your body (physique, physiology, movement patterns, emotional responses, habits). Enhancing your awareness and ability to focus. Expanding your sensitivity in reading sensual and extrasensory signals flowing through the body, telepathy, ‘knowing’, meditation in motion (THE DANCE OF INFINITY). Sacred geometry of human body, activating your main energetic centre – your sacred heart. Introducing the new habits of your conscious life.

2nd Workshop. Body and Emotional Navigation

Emotional awareness and healing the restrictive mental and emotional patterns. Movement and body posture as the reflection of mental and emotional attitudes. The true and deep sense of “difficult” emotions and taking lessons effecting from feeling and overcoming habitual emotional reactions. The relationships as the mirrors of self-discovery. Transformation of traumatic burdens from prenatal period and childhood (at energetic level – not through psychotherapy!). Finding the shelter in your own centre. Being the Love you are.

3rd Workshop. Body – the time machine

Where do you come from and where are you heading. DREAM DANCE: journeys to your past – healing the family scripts and gifts from your ancestors; journeys to your future – creating the reality to come with the use of your body placed in THE NOW. Parallel lives and incarnations. Tuning in to your true call. Trusting your Essence. Cultivating the person you choose to be. Creating love in action.

The tools:

  • spontaneous dance and working with rhythm
  • guided meditation and dynamic meditation (DANCE OF INFINITY)
  • multidimensional star knowledge about the nature of human in the cosmos, the role of the body in spiritual development, cycles of life, ancestral inheritance, parallel lives and shaping reality
  • ancient Polynesian knowledge about body reading and body signs
  • conscious touch (elements of Polynesian bodywork)
  • group healing sessions with the use of breath, movement and vibrations of joy
  • screenings of inspiring films
  • individual tasks (change of habits, making the family tree, working with beliefs)
  • transitional rituals with the use of the elements and spiritual guides
  • lucid dreaming
  • exercises strengthening mental discipline
  • tuning to the rhythm of nature (grounding, forest baths, stargazing…)
  • working in the group of soul mates

for volunteers (for an extra charge) galactic astrology chart (StarryTelling) – discussing your multidimensional potentials

Participants completing the cycle and willing to share the love through the sacred touch can study “Transformational Polynesian Bodywork” on the path of “Dancing Healers” (during three more 6-day meetings).

The Teacher

The workshop is run by the author of the programme – Justyna R. Suska, the awareness teacher initiated in Polynesian tradition and transformational bodywork, the founder of the 4 WINDS Teaching House (in Puszcza Nadnotecka), the author of the book about conscious conception “Gift Of Life And Power Of Creation” (2012, 2020). She has been running healing workshops and performing individual healing sessions since 2001. During 14 years cooperated with MA-URI Institute, teaching the practicians of this method. She also runs author’s programmes awakening higher awareness and unconditioned love. The Giver of Jesua’s Blessing. Passionate about Starseed Astrology and reading the multidimensional potential of a human being (StarryTelling).

If you are interested in attending this programme in English please contact

“Dancing Healers” – Polynesian spiritual bodywork, 1-year healing programme targeted to people whose calling is to accompany others in their process of personal development through spiritual bodywork in Polynesian style.

The programme starts with The Body and The Essence workshop consisting of three 5-day meetings. This cycle provides general knowledge about the multidimensionality of human being and enables emotional self-healing and self-knowing necessary for working with other people.

Following three 6-day meetings (dates tbc with the participants) provide more information about advanced Polynesian spiritual bodywork techniques and “Dancing Healers” style.

The programme available in Polish. Yet if 8 English speaking student are interested there is possibility to run this programme in English for international groups. Contact for more info

The Summer Solstice is a unique time when the heart of the Earth is aligned with the heart of the Sun and the heart of the Milky Way. This cosmic geometry enables activation of a multidimensional portal of our energetic heart with which we connect with literally entire universe. So it is a perfect moment for grounding in the rhythm of our planet and hearing the answers coming from our star-selves.

During a weekend workshop we will dance by the fire, bathe in the lake, sit on the Earth and expose ourselves to the light of the stars.

Arrival on Friday June 23rd after 5 pm. Departure on Sunday June 25th around 5 pm.

Cost of the workshop with vegetarian supplies and accommodation in one hall, marae style: 660 zł. Welcome supper prepared by the hosts.

The rest of the meals we prepare together basing on a simple menu.

The workshop run by Justyna R. Suska – the teacher of spirituality of the body and transformational bodywork, Giver of Jesua’s Blessing (no-religious form of activation of the sacred heart), passionate about sacred geometry and StarSeed Astrology.

Apply by email at or by phone: 603 78 26 19 (Justyna) until June 10th. Reservation made by 160 zł downpayment entitled POBYT 23-25.06 on the bank account indicated in private message.

Arohanui – The Power of Love!

A 7-day RETREAT for future Moms who wish to expand their knowledge about multidimensional (spiritual, emotional, physical and systemic) aspects of conception and pregnancy. This retreat is held only once a year, in spring time. Awakening nature lets the participants connect with the beauty of Mother Earth giving birth to all living creatures and experience this lifegiving state in their very bodies. The programme includes: dynamic meditation, physical exercises that raise natural vitality level, breathing exercises, working with emotional releases and transformation of beliefs, authentic dancing and shamanic type activities (like SACRED WALK).

Every participant will experience a session of spiritual bodywork. It is a NON-RELIGIOUS healing ritual performed on a naked body, with element of massage, with a use of warm oils and music. Bodywork sessions are planned for evenings (depending on the number of participants).

The workshop deepens the knowledge contained in the book “Gift Of Life And Power Of Creation” (Justyna R. Suska, 2012-2020. Book available in Polish in printed form in mail order at or as a free PDF – link above)

5-day workshop for WOMEN

“Like every year at the same time we create the space for healing and inspiration for women only.

We will take a deep breath on the womb of Mother Earth, feed with the fruit of summer, slow down and give room to the vibrations of our Higher Selves. We will reach deeply to the hearts of our inner lady-guides to let the egos flow gently on the waves of inspiration and hear the call of destiny.


We invite all women in need of the freedom to BE THEMSELVES, open to the influence of the power of elements or eager to benefit from the gifts of our power site”.

With Love

Justyna & Alina

The 5-day experience includes:

  • daily meditations and breathing exercises in nature
  • immersing in the essence of elements – forest baths, healing sessions in the lake, fire ceremony
  • group sessions of releasing emotions, scripts, beliefs and self-healing through movement, spontaneous dancing, bodywork and Light Language
  • self-heling of the heart portal with the great amethyst crystal – session of activating the connections with a higher self
  • sacred walk – shamanic lonely walk in the forest
  • inspiring knowledge about destiny – storytelling
  • blessing under the dark starry sky
  • delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals
  • for volunteers: individual consultations with the tutors

Arrival: Friday, July 28th after 5 pm

Departure: Wednesday, August 2nd after brunch

Workshop run by a pair of tutors:

Justyna R. Suska

Alina Baniecka,

The “4 WINDS” House of Learning is situated on the edge of the forest complex near the valley of the Noteć River, 4 km away from a village DZIERŻĄŻNO MAŁE, near the town of WIELEŃ. The workshop groups can use the entire Teaching House (nearly 300 square meters) with large kitchen and dining room, library, bathrooms and a spacious workshop room (100 square meters). This house is a former farming facility from the beginning of 20th century, reconstructed and preserving its original form. A perfect venue to perform bodywork, movement exercises or meditations. A rare asset of this place, especially nowadays, is freedom from electro-smog (Wi-Fi available in the second building).

Accommodation options: a. Polynesian style – sleeping together in the workshop room, with easy access to bathrooms, b. 8-10 people in guest rooms with private bathrooms (2-4 beds in a room).

The closeness of the forest, lakes, wild animals and the magic of the starry sky enable tuning to your natural rhythm of life, stimulate the process of deep relaxation, physical regeneration and spiritual awakening.

Awaken the creator of your life within you



+48 603 78 26 19