The “4 WINDS” House of Consiousness Awakening was established in 2007 in a forest complex north of the river Noteć as a place dedicated to spiritual, mental and emotional development through bodywork. It is a settlement of rare beauty, bounded by fields and limitless woodlands, with a detached edifice destined exclusively for the use of workshops’ participants. The training refer to the traditional Polynesian style of teaching in which the students would go to a secluded place in order to separate themselves from everyday duties and routines, to learn, rest and go through personal transformations and to return afterwards to their environments and share the new knowledge and love.

The „4 WINDS” House is perfect for such a method thanks to its distance from so called civilisation (4 km to the closest village, 20 km to the closest town) which helps focusing, creating deep insights, tuning to the rhythm of nature. Staying here puts the mind in the right frequency for discovering and expansion and the body into a state of joy and relaxation. The place is very special to many generations of MA-URI Healing Arts students who were educated there.

The “4 WINDS” House is a nicotine/ alcohol/drug free area.

The creators and caretakers of “4 WINDS” are: Justyna Rychlewska-Suska – Consciousness Teacher (connected with MA-URI Tradition) together with her husband, Tomasz Suska.

For more information please contact Justyna:  info@4wiatry.pl